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about the black bear cafe


Our name: Black Bear is our mascot and we think he’s a pretty classy symbol. Maine has the largest population of Black Bears in the USA. We celebrate the Black Bear, but we don’t serve them.

Black Bear Café opened May 6, 2004. Your hosts John and Susan Bohill have always wanted to make their home in the Lakes Region of Maine, and after the events of 9-11-01, decided it was time to take action and move to Maine. It took a few years. John, had been in the restaurant business in Massachusetts in the 70’s and 80’s, and before that in Ireland. Susan’s father had a restaurant in Miami, Florida, the Big Fish, and while she only ate the food there, was always inspired and nourished by the hospitality and fine food.

We’re doing what we love, and do what we can to make sure that your experience at the Black Bear Café is very, very good.

Enjoy! Susan and John Black Bear Café


about the tin ceiling


It is real!!...and our carpenter experienced pains in her neck during installation. Each 2’ x 4’ panel required 47 hand-driven nails. The next challenge was corners—inside and outside corners, requiring meticulous measuring, mitering, and mumbling. Once up, all the tin was rubbed down with denatured alcohol, and coated twice with oil based polyurethane.






Foremost, Camille and Katie were spectacular, super-friendly and super helpful. The food was fantastic. The filet and scallops were perfect. The Garden Pizza was so flavorful and balanced. The quality of the food was un-matched. Coming from servers at a 5 star restaurant, we thank you for a wonderful meal.


Testimonial left on a scrap of paper at the restaurant - August, 2011



Thank you so much for all the work that Maureen and I know must've gone into organizing the "some shockin' good time" we had at the Black Bear Cafe in Naples last Friday night.

We hadn't been there before, but we sure told as many people about it as we had time to since then. The food was wonderful, the menu representative (except for the omission of "seal flipper pie"the thoughts of which, along with its subtle aromas, make my mouth water-just kidding), and the music was superb.

We also have to say that John and his staff could not have been more solicitous and gracious.

Please tell us where all the Newfies came from-did you guys bus them in? all the ones we met were just sweet lovely people every bit like the ones we've met on "The Rock".

Eric and Maureen (Whose hearts and minds will always be up in Bonavista) - June, 2011


John -

What a fantastic selection of Pizza you provided. It appears many of our guests were very familiar with your fare and I think you may have some new fans too. You went all out for us.


Julie 5-2011


Dear Sirs:

I am writing to thank you for showing such hospitality and consideration for a patient currently under my care. The patient currently has her jaws wired closed, which as you can imagine is very frustrating during many day-to-day situations, not the least of which is eating. During an appointment with me today, the patient advised that she was having an exceptional year due to the fact that the chef at your restaurant took the time to create a special meal for her on New Year's Day, which she found not only satisfying, but reinvigorating, and offered her hope that she would be able to get through her current treatment.

I just wanted to write and offer my appreciation for your kindness and extraordinary effort in making this person's New Year's celebration so special. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Best regards and good luck in the new year.

Dr. L, D.M.D., M.D., Boston, MA 1-2011


My friend and I recently went for Dinner and was very, very impressed. I must say we have passed by your place many many times as we were under the impression it was your typical pizza/sandwich and frozen fried food. I guess the outside decor led us to think that. What a wonderful surprise when we made a last minute decision to stop!

The food was phenomenal and the service was extremely friendly. We definitely have found our new place for dinner!

You have an absolute jewel there and if I must say with all due respect I think you have definitely earned bragging rights and should take a step back and bring whats inside to the outside. I would consider our visit a TRUE Fine Dining experience! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and extraordinary food!

Elle and Mike, Naples, ME 8-2010


We've been going to the Bear for breakfast for the past five years, and tried their Bistro menu last weekend. This may be the best kept secret in Naples. The food is superb, we love the fresh Grissini bread sticks served with entrees, the service is first class and prices are reasonable and we are very excited to return.

Alan, Brookline, MA 5-2009


We stumbled onto the Black Bear Cafe and Bistro and were astonished. We weren't sure what we would find, but once we passed through the front door we found a charming world inside, very interesting artworks from a local artist and a dinner that blew our minds. Fabulous clam chowder, mussels, a special Spring Green Salad I could eat three times a day, and the entrees: between the four of us we had a steak, the chicken picatta, meatloaf and the pesto pizza on wheat dough. For dessert we tried the creme caramel, a brownie sundae, fried dough and one espresso martini. It's by far the best dinner we've had in years.

Molly, High Point, North Carolina 4-2009


Your breakfast is the best and we've tried them all. The food and the service are top notch - the servers know the menu and breakfast orders are delivered quickly. We love the Irish Breakfast with rashers, and black and white pudding and the ham at the BBC is the best. We look forward to visiting the Black Bear for dinner.

Mike and Sally, Boston, MA 5-17-09


The pizza is the best we've had since leaving Boston six years ago.

John, Naples, ME 4 -2009


We've tried all your signature pizzas and we look forward to doing it again. Positively the best, especially with a pint of Guinness and then a piece of that delectable chocolate orange Guinness cake.

Chris and Julie, Gray, ME 5-2009


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